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Our digital ad strategy is simple...get you more customers and more sales. If you are like most other business owners, your day to day responsibilities don’t allow you time for social media marketing and running digital ad campaigns. We are here to help and we make it simple, we make it easy to understand and we make it effective. Be Here Media provides ad strategies for businesses of all sizes:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

  • Youtube


the importance of Facebook. We want to impress upon you that the best place to start with advertising is Facebook. Facebook, as you may know, collects an insane amount of data on all its users. This data is used to highly focus where your ad dollars should be. Any strategy we develop begins there. So how do we do it?


The first step in creating a digital ad strategy, or any marketing campaign is identifying your target audience. Who is your most likely customer? We may be starting from scratch here or you may already have a significant customer base that you want to return. Either way, we want to identify the people most likely to buy your product so we can target them directly and make your ad dollars work as efficiently as possible.


Next, we need to determine the most effective strategy to get your product in front of this audience. As we said earlier, the most strategy involves Facebook. But there are multiple other platforms to exploit as well. We will help you determine what will be most effective for you.


For any successful ad campaign/strategy, you will need content. This includes photos, videos, written descriptions or animations of your product or service. If you have these already….great! If not, we can create them for you. Have a look at our additional services here.


Once we have content of your product or service, and have determined the best digital strategy, we will set out to create eye-catching, compelling and engaging ad campaigns. This will include attention grabbing visuals, succinct but hard-hitting headlines and emotive description to make sure the moment your potential customer sees your ad there is an emotional connection. The we set them to run.


The first set of ads is always a stab in the dark. But what is super cool is that Facebook/Instagram and Google/Youtube, Bing, etc, all continue to adjust how to make your ad and ad money more effective. And this is where the magic happens. With Facebook’s and Google’s tools, we will continue to home in on the people most likely to purchase your products or enlist your services. This increases your sales and adjusts to make your ad dollars even more efficient.


Digital ad strategies are, well….strategies. Social and search marketing both require ongoing attention and adjustment. They are long term. And that is how we think. We don’t aim to get you the quick sale. We aim to help you develop loyal customers who will return to you and buy time after time. Let us give you a personal consultation on exactly what we can do for you to help you bring in more customers.

Your social media is your direct line to your customers and potential customers so it’s extremely important to make sure its run by professionals that will represent your brand. Let us offer some insight and possibilities with a free consultation.

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